Thursday, November 20, 2014

How to be interesting and beautiful lady !

How men perceive women

Being a women i was wondering how can you make a man attracted to you beyond your looks attracted enough to see you as psychologically as well as emotionally irresistible. The biggest question is why do men who are interested to you and are attracted to you suddenly become disinterested due to some reasons.This is called a Spark which makes men attracted towards women. Here are some of the reasons which i believe must be secrets which women does to make men irresistible.

♥ Avoid Over seriousness and worrying

I read this when men do stupid things women become over-emotional, Hurt ,angry and worry if things are Okay. When men do stupid things you have the full right to feel what you are feeling. The problem is to let your emotions control your action towards men which is severely impact his level of attraction towards you.
    Sometimes men does hurtful things such as unaffectionate, not calling back, most women become serious on such things they tend to believe happening and lose the light hearted  fun they were originally bringing which attract men in the first place. Men absolutely crave for women who are light hearted who does not take things seriously when situation is rough
 Humor is like a BILLBOARD mounted to a woman’s forehead that says “I’m the one!”
If you lead serious, worried, self-conscious men will lose attraction towards you
If you are lead with a sense of humor you will find men are attracted towards you. 

♥ Youthfulness
Most women believe that men are attracted mostly with their body weight, bone, breast, structure etc while this plays a part it couldn't be further from the truth. A man desires youthfulness in a women he would consider spending his time with.
Youthfulness means a state of being innocent and childlike, and this is something that stimulate men on a subconscious level to crave. 
Most of the women believe that having good physical body is the only way of attracting men but for me its not true. attraction has to do with your "internal energy"
Men can sense women is fresh when she is away from all the negativity of opinion and still has a small child in her. It is amazing when you see a women of 18years looks like 40years and a 40year women look like 18 years.

♥   Attract with body Language 
The body language makes up 55% of communication in a relationship. vocal tonality is 38% which comes second and then 7% comes the words which we talk.  That means 93% of communication and signals we give and receive is based on body language and vocal toning.
  Women are worried sometimes what we should speak which attract men. But if they focus only 7% on words they are missing 93% of commuication. 
Hips loose and tilted a bit forward, arch in the lower back allowing weight to release off the upper-back, shoulders and upper back relaxed back, chest present, chin up.
A smile tells a man on a gut level that you’re receptive and no smile says you’re “untouchable”.
Thus once you learn the body language  it’s as close to “magic” as it gets to seeing men respond INSTANTLY with attraction.
♥ Avoid getting Over Emotional
Most women allow their negative emotions tn a relationship which takes away men from them. We know its not wrong but this  has a stong effect on how men feels towards you and this is where you see man pull away. 
 most women don't realize that by being over-emotional they allow men to go away from them. As men are attracted towards women who take their emotions in a balanced way.
♥ Avoid Impatience
Mostly men are attracted towards women who are patience. 
Why is patience so valuable to being attractive to men? Because it is very RARE for a man to find and sub-communicates confidence and desirability.
Here’s a secret about men most women will never understand.
Men are purpose and goal-oriented… Men value the vision they want to create in life above all else. It could be that he wants to start a family, travel the world, build a business… it could be anything.
The point is when a man meets a woman, he secretly hopes that she will relax with his path. If she does he will literally feel that she completes him.What I’m talking about is relaxing more and being more open to going with the flow of your relationship with him. This is the same attitude that rockstars have, and rockstars, whether male or female, are some of the most desired people on the planet.
This time i am giving importance to inner beauty which attracts most of the men. Beauty, health, weight, good looking skin, good hair all are superficial thing which men adores. Most of the men are not looking for you as a super model they just want you to take care of your presentation.
But women these days believe that only  external beauty is important. 
Beauty is the OUTWARD expressions of femininity, which men are attracted to like NOTHING else. This is why beauty is so powerful to men.
This is not good because you become an insecure ROLLERCOASTER seeking approval from men, and when you’re chasing after his validation, you can’t be irresistible.

Put some weight onto the other leg of INNER beauty. The fact is inner is just as important as outer.
And there is a way to becoming internally beautiful to men in a way that makes men RESPOND like crazy.
♥ Sexual Adventurousness
Sexual repression makes people very angry. Hot guys,poets,musicians all agree. By Sexual Adventure i do not mean having sex with different people or having five somes in a bathroom hall. 
I simply mean being RELAXED about sex instead of tense, nervous or rejecting of it… and never using it or withholding it as a tool to make a man give you love… because it simply does nothing to make him feel irresistibly in love and attracted to you… in fact it will do the opposite.
If you are alive in sex you will make men feel that you are different from other girls. You are very active and passionate. Sex is the barometer of every relation. It is your attitude which will decide how men will be attracted to you. If you are not adventurous, spontaneous men will not be attracted towards you.

Men loves those women who are full of life passion and love. Seriously believe me those women who lives in fear and worry can kill man's attraction towards them.Further, when you base your actions with men off of fear-based emotions, you’re bound to act in a way that predisposes you to lose attraction and love from men.
Living positively has to be learned… and it can be learned.
I’m going to share with you a secret that has taken me years to understand.
A woman filled with love in her heart, who sees dance, celebration and music everywhere she goes is the most desirable quality a woman can posses to a man.
Love is not weak…. it is PURE POWER.